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But most significantly, the episode deals with the issue of what Carol truly wants. In the episode itself the question is left unanswered. We know her truest want is not to be alone, imaginary Alpha says so. However I believe the clues are there for what it is she does want, and why she goes back. Daryl is the answer over and over again. Yet more clearly than all of that, the answer to what Carol most wants was given to us much earlier in the season. And what about Connie? Could that be because the reason is sitting right next to him? Instead the show cut away.

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There are a lot of things going on that make those characters go in certain directions. Daryl Dixon and Carol Peletier, both part of the core group of protagonist survivors trying to make it after something killed off most of the world and turned the dead into zombies, have leaned on each other since at least Season 2. Their strong bond and sometimes-flirting has triggered fans to push for an apocalyptic affair, something the actors have even had to address with writers.

I love their relationship, whatever people want from it or what people see of it. But I cannot help but feel some pride for this character.

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Having previously spoken about the possibility of romance between the two characters , Kang has now shed a little more light on the nature of their relationship. While it might not necessarily be a romantic one, the showrunner says they “love each other” nonetheless. Speaking to TVLine , Kang teased that Daryl and Carol “have a very big storyline together” for the upcoming season, and that although they are sometimes on “divergent tracks”, their connection is always strong.

They are tied to each other in this world and have been through so much together. She continued: “They love each other and they trust each other. They care what happens to the other. And yet that can be very complicated when there’s so much trauma and this bigger thing that’s taking over the communities. Kang previously revealed that she’d spoken to Reedus about a potential relationship for Daryl, saying: “We’ve talked about, ‘What does a relationship for Daryl look like?

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‘The Walking Dead’ Will Finally Address Carol and Daryl’s Relationship

Spoilers ahead for The Walking Dead Season 10 premiere. While fans have long shipped Carol and Daryl, the romantic relationship she had with Ezekiel was still one to be admired. The pairing was always a bit unconventional considering Ezekiel’s flair for the dramatic and Carol’s harsh pragmatism , but they had genuinely cared for one another until the Whisperers’ massacre at the fair took its toll on their relationship.

In the Season 10 premiere, Carol makes it clear that she has absolutely no intention of reconciling romantically with Ezekiel. Season 9 saw Ezekiel and Carol together and they made their union official when Ezekiel proposed marriage.

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That romance is between Carol Melissa McBride and King Ezekiel Khary Payton , something the show has been building toward in small increments for a while now. That Carol and Ezekiel are an item is both great and terrible. And now, as things advance in the rest of Season 9, it seems it might never be. Carol is obviously having trouble committing to much more than being in a stable relationship with Ezekiel, and is carrying around plenty of emotional baggage.

If Daryl and Carol finally got together, as fans want, probably one of them would get killed off immediately afterward. A whole lot has happened and a lot of people have died over the years on “The Walking Dead. Warning: Spoilers within! Rick is shot during the encounter and is left in a coma, but the crooks are all killed. Some time later, Rick awakens from his coma to find the apocalypse has come and gone, and the dead return as zombies.

He leaves the hospital and encounters Morgan Jones and his son, Duane, who help him and tell him about the end of the world. After leaving the Joneses, Rick heads to Atlanta in hopes of finding his family, but zombies trap him under a tank. Rick and the others escape a camp outside of town, but the racist Merle is left handcuffed on the roof with walkers streaming into the building.

The Walking Dead: Who will die as Alpha’s deadly trap surrounds Daryl and gang with Whisperer horde

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It was clear to me that when Daryl was thrust into the middle of the breakup of Carol and Ezekiel’s marriage, showrunner Angela Kang had.

The episode saw Daryl and Carol reunited after they had been apart in different communities. Then, in season 10, Cudlitz directed the pair again when Daryl left a tray of food out for Carol, as she struggled to deal with the loss of her son Henry and the others who lost their lives at the hands of Alpha and the Whisperers. Throughout the ten seasons of The Walking Dead , fans have long shipped the two characters and hoped that they would become romantically involved.

Other than romance, Carol and Daryl have become closer friends and are now the longest running friendship on the show. But will the pair ever become romantically involved? Do what you do, you know? Cudlitz may no longer be on the show but his relationship to it will last forever, especially now that he is contributing behind the camera.

The Walking Dead: Why Michael Cudlitz Believes Daryl and Carol Won’t Be Romantic

Was there also… love? And does said love involve the most unlikely of subjects? We also learned that Daryl was teaching himself sign language to better communicate with the newcomer. It was super, super hot.

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During the initial outbreak, she evacuates with her abusive husband, Ed , and their daughter, Sophia , to Atlanta. They eventually join a camp of survivors. In the events following her daughter’s disappearance , Carol forms a close, loving bond with fellow survivor, Daryl Dixon. After discovering that her daughter was bitten and reanimated , Carol, now the last surviving member of her family, gradually builds inner strength, becoming increasingly proficient with weapons, and gains medical experience through Hershel Greene ‘s assistance.

Later on, she becomes the parental guardian of Lizzie and Mika Samuels after the death of their father , albeit briefly. Upon her arrival at the Alexandria Safe-Zone , Carol briefly forms a romantic relationship with fellow Alexandrian Tobin and becomes an adviser to Rick Grimes following Hershel’s death. Following the end of the war against the Saviors , Carol moves to the Kingdom. She later marries Ezekiel and becomes Henry ‘s adoptive mother.

Following Henry’s death and the fall of the Kingdom , Carol ends her marriage to Ezekiel and moves back to Alexandria with Daryl and Lydia. At the outset of the series, Carol is introverted and soft-spoken, though often meek and defenseless, particularly when it comes to facing her abusive husband, Ed. She remains fiercely protective over her daughter Sophia , attempting to shield her from the various dangers of their surroundings. After Ed is beaten half to death, Carol rebels against her husband’s wishes for Sophia to spend time with him and begins to participate in group activities alone with their daughter.

Due to Ed’s loss, Carol slowly begins to empower herself. After Sophia’s death, she begins to stand up for herself and gains more independence, while strengthening her bonds with the group.

Norman Reedus Reveals ‘Walking Dead’ Secrets — Is Daryl Gay?